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MORE THAN 16 million viewers saw the 1970 All- Star Game on national television, and more than 50,000 baseball fans watched in person at Riverfront Stadium. But a group of sports writers could only listen to a description of the most debated play in All- Star Game history, the Pete Rose-Ray Fosse home plate collision. “HEARD but not SEEN” tells the best behind-the-scenes story, never told until now.

"Love the exchange with the great Frank Robinson about the Rose-Fosse collision."
- Cincinnati author John Erardi

"The previously untold story of President Nixon and his Secret Service guardians at the 1970 All-Star Game adds a rich twist to the unforgettable ending of a true sports classic."
- Fox Sports Talk Show Host Andy Furman

CAL Award Winner

Winner of the Colorado Authors' League award for Best Feature, published in Colorado Avid Golfer magazine.

"...amazing stories of courage, honor and sheer luck are recorded in this extraordinarily valuable collection. A fitting and timeless memorial to their sacrifices, it is an assurance that their bravery will be remembered for many more generations..."

Review by Julie Simpson
in the November 2012 issue of Colorado Country Life

Poignant. Harrowing. Humorous. Remarkable.

Meet The Flying Ace, The Intrepid Escapee, The Pearl Survivor, The Dachau Liberator and dozens more Sterling Heroes as thirty-six veterans from rural northeast Colorado share their personal World War II stories—each one unique yet, altogether, representative of America’s wartime service experience, in the Army, Air Forces, Navy and Marines—from Europe to the Aleutians and across the Pacific.
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July 4 in Sterling: "This is great-grandpa Long when he..." Kristin Boxberger tells her children, Lydia, 5, and Mitchell, 3. She has Sterling Heroes of World War II opened to the beginning of the chapter about Jack Long, "The Life Saver." View Sterling July 4th slide show


Eddie Robinson - he was the Martin Luther King of Football

"...Dressman's flair for weaving Robinson's life into the fabric of U.S. race relations and social history in the 20th century...(makes) Eddie Robinson an enthralling narrative..."

Review by Prof. Kevin L. Brooks, Paine College
in the Journal of African American History

* * * *

"Eddie Robinson is a well-crafted biography that is sure to add to the genres of sports literature and African American literature."

– Writer's Digest

* * * *

"Every coach should read this book. It is a history lesson that needs to never be forgotten. It will touch everyone's heart who reads it."

– Veteran football coach June Jones,
Southern Methodist University

"Denny, Pat Hanlon of the New York Giants here...

"Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Eddie Robinson biography. I am a long-time admirer of Coach Rob and the Grambling program, and your book was the first thing I had ever read in-depth on him. Really enjoyed it... Good work."

"There is no doubt that this book is a book for the library. Get it and put it in your library, and use it as a reference. It will certainly help your life, without a doubt."

-- Omarr Bashir, Heritage Sports Radio Network

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Life story of iconic Grambling football coach cited for excellence in both biography and historical

Eddie Robinson "...he was the Martin Luther King of football" – Denny Dressman's biography of the historic black football coach who led tiny Grambling to 408 victories in 57 years and opened the National Football League to black athletes – is the recipient of two awards.

The book earned a finalist award for biography in the 2010 Colorado Book Awards, presented by Colorado Humanities and the Center for the Book.

The biography also was awarded a finalist medal in historical non-fiction in the 2010 Next Generation Indie National Book Awards presented by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group.

"My goal when I began working on the book was to write a credible biography of this historic American, and to capture the historic half-century of segregation and liberation during which he accomplished and contributed so much," Dressman said. "To have the book receive accolades as both a biography and a work of historical non-fiction is very gratifying."

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'Coach Rob' script adds L.A. 'first' to prestigious Moondance honor

A developing screenplay based on the biography Eddie Robinson "...he was the Martin Luther King of football" has earned a second national award.

The revised version of the script finished first in the Biopic Screenplay category of the 2013 All-Sports Los Angeles Film Festival, announced in November.

The original script won a Seahorse Award for feature screenplay at the prestigious Moondance International Film Festival in 2012. The Moondance competition attracted more than 1,000 submissions in its various film and writing categories, from 43 countries.

The movie script was written by Boulder screenwriter Bruce Leaf, in collaboration with Denny Dressman, who authored the book, which was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award for biography in 2010.

This is the second honor earned in the Los Angeles competition by the Leaf-Dressman screenplay, titled Coach Rob. A year earlier the original version was an Elite Eight selection in the "New Screenplay" competition.

"You have a great script," Pat Battistini, director of the Los Angeles festival, said then. "If I had a production company worthy of optioning it – I would."

Moondance executive director Elizabeth English, when presenting that award, commented: “This is one I’d really like to see produced.”

Main Man Films of Denver currently holds an option on the script.

Louisiana K-12 character education program – DNA for Life –
based on award-winning biography of Eddie Robinson

Opening of Eddie G. Robinson Museum at Grambling
writes happy ending to decade-plus journey

First-class exhibit honors legendary coach

"This compact book packs a powerhouse of lifesaving information. It would be great if this book could get into the hands of the people who need it most... each diabetes patient."

– Judge's comments,
Benjamin Franklin Awards

There is no shortage of books about diabetes or books about fitness, and no scarcity of books that chronicle the accomplishments and life stories of athletes who have overcome obstacles to achieve stardom.

But a book that combines all three is rare - if not nonexistent, until now.

The Diabetes Antidote is both the story of Doug Burns - a scrawny 7-year-old when his Type 1 diabetes was diagnosed but in adulthood became the Natural Mr. Universe - and Doug's compelling advice for preventing Type 2 diabetes and reducing the ill effects of Type 1 or Type 2 by becoming and staying physically fit.
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"The word 'inspiring' gets thrown around quite a lot, but I can think of no better word to describe Leeuwenburg's experience with diabetes."

– Writer's Digest

Jay Leeuwenburg started more than 120 games and lined up against eventual Hall of Famers Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor and many other fearsome opponents during a nine-year career in the National Football League.

But first he met Type 1 diabetes head-on.

Diagnosed just days after his 12th birthday, Jay quickly accepted responsibility for managing his disease. Testing his parents' patience and his doctors' knowledge, Jay pushed ahead with every imaginable athletic and competitive interest.

"Not participating would have been like saying, 'Don't breathe,' " he says in Yes I Can! Yes You Can! read more

"It's one of the best sports books I've ever read – and certainly one of the most inspirational."

– Lance Porter, Editor-in-Chief,
Diabetes Positive Magazine

     Jay's Tips
     Jay's Biography

"A beautiful book featuring unique art, exceptional writing and a fascinating story. The deeply personal narrative distinguishes 'thicker than paint' from most other art books..."

Sandra Wittow was the first woman artist to have a one-person show at the Denver Art Museum, an exhibit called "Disenchantment" that, she said, "expressed universal truths and emotions found in fairy tales."

Recognized locally and nationally, Wittow’s works are on display throughout Colorado and the United States.

Two notable paintings, "Annunciation" and "Joseph and Jesus" were commissioned by Regis University. A retrospective titled "The Rose and the Briar" was featured at the Mizel Arts & Culture Center at the Jewish Community Center in Denver. And 10 works were installed at the University of Colorado under the State of Colorado Art in Public Places program.

Wittow finished writing a book about her life and career shortly before she died in August 2011 at the age of 76. Her husband, Herb Wittow, completed her vision by publishing "thicker than paint: A LIFEWORK" in July 2013.

It’s a beautiful book that’s filled with outstanding reproductions of Wittow's art. But what separates this from most other "art books" is the deeply personal account of Wittow's life and career influences that accompanies her distinctive art. The writing is exceptional; the narrative conversational but frank; the story fascinating.

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